Wednesday, August 02, 2006

excerpt from an instant message - PART 4: uh...

sometimes things just make no sense whatsoever:

N - i want to start going to more comedy shows
N - i have never been to one in la
E - i need to bad
E - i've only been to like 3
E - next time a comedy show comes around that you want to go to let me know
E - and vice versa
N - i dont really find out about it... but if i do i will
N - i think i got your headach
N - headache
E - yeah, it's no fun...right temple or left?
N - started at the left now its moved to the left
N - i need someone w/ a cane
E - hahahhhhhhha
E - i want some fro yo
N - maybe lude can get you some
E - let's call him "lewd"
E - double meaning that way
N - you're so clever
N - i try

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