Wednesday, March 26, 2008

fighting off the quarter-life crisis

(*this is me on my most recent shoot checking out the new RED camera...)

welp, it is here. the day i was plopped onto this earth has arrived. well, i didn't plop out today-today. let me take you back to '83, the year "terms of endearment" won the oscar and the swatch watch was invented. 1983. a simpler time. you remember...the "moonwalk" dominated dance floors worldwide. ah, yes. that early 80s. that's when little emoss entered the world.

as i sit here, clocked in at being 25 now for mere hours, i can't help but revel in a tad quarter-life crisis.
wait, let me rephrase or re-brand that.
it's not so much a "crisis" (a true "crisis" being something more along the lines of realizing there was a hole right in the crotch of my jeans or something). no, not a crisis. i guess i'm stuck in more of a quarter-life evaluation, my head filled with little "check boxes" and me asking myself to check "yes" if it's something i've completed or accomplished by now and "no" if it's yet to be tackled. the crisis, i guess, comes in realizing that the "no" boxes are dominating. that's what's frustrating to me, someone who is her own self-proclaimed hardest and worst critic.

i've decided to make myself and other around me, here and now, accountable for things i hope, no, WILL accomplish this year (in no particular order):

1) travel out of the country (preferably on a mission trip of some kind...)

2) read 3 books (i know that doesn't sound like a lot for an entire year but, trust me, it will be a challenge just to find the time...)

3) tidy up my drama pilot and put it in the hands of people who can make it a reality

4) write and direct a short

5) take an improv class

6) buy a piano (?...this is contingent of having a place to put it...)

7) make a demo reel for voiceover work

8) be involved in a play (either performing or behind-the-scenes)

9) do some acting

10) ride my bike more and drive less

11) WRITE...even it if's not perfect

12) volunteer (preferably in the medical field in some way...)

13) give more generously

14) change jobs...and get more responsibility!

15) eat healthier

16) learn how to say "no"

and the list goes on...

welp, now it's out there. in the ether or universe or wherever those things float. i'm determined to make 25 a year to remember...


David said...

17. Talk to Uncle David more. :+)
I know you will do great things Emily!

Martha Elaine Belden said...

that's quite a list!

but if anyone can accomplish it, i have a feeling it's emoss.