Tuesday, July 25, 2006

excerpt from an instant message - Part 3: baby banana sarong anderson

s- hey, did you get my email about gillian anderson
e - no not yet
e - whats up
s - she's PREGNANT
e - WHAT
s - yeah!
e - with who's baby? the guy she just left?
s - i emailed you the people article
s - no, a business man
e - oh wow
s - she's due at the end of the year
s - she was prego when we met her
s - i know i know
e - that's awesome...we have the first exclusive pics of Banana Surong Anderson
s - LOL
s - TRUE STORY!!!!
e - i've got to go read about baby Banana in PEOPLE
s - hahah...DO IT!
e - i wonder if that's why she split from her hunny
s - i was soooo excited
s - i SCREAMED when i read it
e - hahaha
s - prolly
e - ah
e - an affair do ya think?
s - yeah
e - i hope it has red hair...
s - he's attractive tho
e - wait, no i dont
s - it has a pic w/ she and him
e - oh ok...nice
s - and she has a slight tummy
e - i love pics
e - ok i'm going now
e - ps - i'm blogging this IM as my third installment
e - thanks for being my pop culture oracle
s - good good, you should
s - lol
s - i'm so happy she's having another baby
s - i bet it's a boy
s - what do you think?
e - i hope so
s - and they name it something like Zappa
e - i want her to have a little WILLIAM MULDER of her own
s - or something weird and buddhist sounding
s - lol
e - yeah
e - ooooooo the pic of the two of them is sooo cute
e - he's saucy
e - and she looks like a cute prego person
e - you know how some are cute and some are...well...not
s - i know! i'm so excited for her!
e - she's cute
s - i know! i'm so excited for her!
s - she was totally like 2 months prego when we hugged her
e - eat that PEOPLE
s - hahah...seriously
s - do you think that's why she had a jacket on?
s - or why she wouldn't hug us, as to accentuate her belly
e - it was not, in fact, the restrictive material of the coat
e - but the fact that she was trying to conceal her pregnancy from the press
e - and fans
e - cause we would blog about it
s - totally
s - oh man
s - good work, special agent

(click here to read about the day we met Gillian and see a pic of the infamous "restrictive" coat)

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Syd said...

I wonder when we should expect the call from Gill asking us to be co-God mothers and attend the baby's buddhist baptism.