Thursday, July 06, 2006

mylove i have a major confesstion to make. bloggers, please don't inundate this post with ranting comments telling me how weak i am. believe me, i already know. but...if i may...i have to tell you the WHY behind the WHAT.

the WHAT can be summed up in a simple sentence: i rejoined myspace. **tomatoes being thrown is disgust**

the WHY, however, requires a little more explanation...

i love people. i love meeting new people. i love networking and connecting the dots between the various degrees of relational separation. one of the things i thrive on the most is being able to call someone a "new friend." i've been very fortunate in my young life to have traveled and experienced much and, with that, has come the opportunity and the great fortune of making and having "friends" all over the world. because i sit at a desk all day, my real one link to keeping up with these people is through the internet. i have made great strides and am continuing to nurture my close friendships through phone calls, handwritten letters, and visits but i need a tool to help foster the relationships with those individuals who i had the pleasure of knowing intimately only for a season of my life. thus, i bring you myspace.

i was still resistant of getting back on myspace because i wanted to "stand my ground." i wanted to be consistent and loyal to my first ever blog - the one where i declared the death of my myspace alter-ego. but i was recently inspired by the story of a friend and the way in which myspace was the tool that brought her back into the life of someone she thought she'd really never talk with again.

her name is susie. and this is the story of how susie met eric...again...on myspace:

susie and eric went to college together and were great friends. he was dating someone, she was dating someone, and they were content in their close friendship. despite their respective love interests at the time, both susie and eric were both attracted to each other but neither one ever said anything about it for fear of ruining a good thing: being great friends. college ended and susie and eric went their separate ways. they spoke off and on at the beginning but then their communication sort of trailed off. cut to some 6 years later...susie lives in los angeles and eric lives in atlanta (or somewhere over there). susie gets an inkling to wonder "hmmm...i wonder what eric is up to." the details of exactly what happened next are a little fuzzy as i was listening to this story while shoving chips and french onion dip into my face at a bbq, but the main point is this: susie found eric again on myspace, sent him a message, and the two started talking again. eventually those myspace chats led to emails which led to phone calls which led to confession: they both liked each other and had liked each other for years. i'm happy to report that in a matter of 3 months, susie and eric have started dating, had their first kiss, and susie is moving back to the south to be with him. they're already talking about marriage. these two have always known they were meant to be together.

ps - did i mention that when susie went looking for eric on myspace he had only just joined 2 days before??? (sigh)

when i heard their story, i got to thinking...maybe myspace is NOT the devil after all... while i don't expect to find my long lost soul-mate on the thing, i can at least use it as a tool for people to find me if they're looking and a way for me to keep up with those special people with whom i shared some great memories at one time or another in the past.

so, with that, i'm back on myspace. my profile isn't as fancy and i don't have near as many friends. at least, though, if that dude who sat behind me in mrs. hamilton's physical science class and smelled my hair all day wants to find me, he can.

plus, i work for rupert murdoch who owns myspace now so i like to think i rejoined to support the company.

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Martha Elaine Belden said...

hey... what's your myspace page? i finally caved and joined... now i'm a loser, too :) kidding...

but seriously... i want you to be my friend (oh it hurts... it just sounds so cheesy) ahh well... let me know