Wednesday, June 14, 2006

excerpt from an instant message - PART I: david silver

E - are you there? OMG please respond when you see this
S - what
E - guess who is in the hall
S - who? oh God, who?
E - Brian Austin Greene
E - yes
S - He is sooooo hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! tell me what he looks like what is he wearing?
E - and i walked past him and tried to say "hey how are you doing?" and it came out as ALL WHISPERS...yes, he is hot
S - hahahaha
E - jeans and a red shirt
S - does he look old? is his hair really short?
E - Seriously as if a ghost had stolen my voice
E - yes
S - did he respond?
E - short hair
E - yes he did "Hey how are you"
S - no way
E - yes
S - effffff shut up omg i am so jealous
E - this is hilarious...i wish i had spoken with noise
S - he tall? average?
E - not too tall...average
S - gah I am star struck FOR you
E - i want to keep walking by but it would be too obvious...i don't want to be "that girl"
S - dude, i would
E - he's def a C to B lister i love those
S - totally they're the best kinds
E - they are the best
S - i know...he was in Freddie did it get canceled? ooohhhh i really want to watch 90210...he has incredible comedic timing it really surprised me
E - so you've told me...i never saw it
S - it's really funny plus he's fun to look at
E - he has tatoos
S - i know HOT

It's as if we were a couple of thirteen year old girls who just saw Raven Symone...

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Syd said...

we are as funny as Brian Austin Green is hot and Raven Simone is cool...