Tuesday, June 20, 2006

excerpt from an instant message - PART 2: cute as a button?

E - fabulous
T - most fabulous
E - fab
E - crap
E - i messed that flow up
T - too cute
T - it's all good in the hood
E - gravy train
E - you're top notch
T - cute as a button
E - well, you're that too, i guess
T - allthough I must say I have never really found buttons to be that cute at all more functional if anything
E - isn't that so true
T - why not cute at a zipper
E - theyre mostly just pieces of round plastic with 4 awkard holes...imagine someone calling you that "you're as cute as a round piece of plastic with 4 holes"....loses its zing
E - or perhaps clasp?
T - soooo true
E - yeah
E - these are things my mind thinks of a lot
E - and i can see you, too, often contemplate such complexities
T - now if a friend said thanks for helping me out of that jam "you were a real piece of velcro" I would know what he ment
E - well duh
E - that one's easy to figure out
T - tru dat tru dat
E - some are just crystal clear, some aren't end. of. story.
T - did you like that that was my getto slang
E - e for effort
T - I thjought it was a valid effort to apeal to the younger hipper crowd
E - which you did (and we thank you)
T - I must say it's saddens me to have to end this wonderfully colorful covorsasion but I must go to my dojo and stdy my matial arts
E - wax on
E - go my brother, go
T - I am learning how to wax off and paint the fence right now actually
T - good speed and as they say in 5th grade
T - later aligator
E - yes and god speed as they said on the titanic that fateful day
E - peace out playa


Botonium said...

i love lamp.

Jinbon H Wrong aka Sloop John B said...

Its too darned hard to understand, in't it?