Tuesday, June 13, 2006

myspace in mourning

Well, I finally did it. I killed emo.

She's that "23 yr old female from Valley Village, CA" that I was known as on my MySpace page whose "About Me" section merely read "scrumtrulescent." I was apparently a friend to over 200 people, according to my friend requests, so I hope at least a few of them are sad to see me go. For those of you who are perhaps a bit scared that I began my first blog with a murder, relax. All that fancy talk above simply means that I finally cancelled my account on MySpace and made the switch over to something a bit more cerebral. To be honest, I was tired of the constant pressure to "update my profile" and "upload/change my photos." I know some people who change their MySpace pages about 4 times a day and I just couldn't compete with that.

I was inspired by my friend and fellow intellectual, Anton Seim, to get in on this blog thing after reading a few of his ramblings (aka brilliantly penned entries). It was like looking through a secret window into his head, sort of like that little door in Being John Malkovich. (Great movie, BTW) Anywho, I thought that instead of trying to scribble journal entries into my Moleskine notebooks I could do this instead. I guess I'll treat it like a my own portal of sorts. Maybe now other people can get into my head the way that John Cusack did to 'ole JM.

So, bloggers, here I am. I'm a first-timer so be gentle. This should be fun.


Martha Elaine Belden said...

Welcome, Emily!

I'm excited to keep up with you through Blogger-world (don't ask me... I'm not good at this whole clever wit thing).

Well anyway, welcome!

dragonflypurity said...

welcome to the blogger familia !

Anonymous said...

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